The route to happiness.

Every day, a sliver of our population enjoys relaxation, happiness, and health from an age old machine — the bicycle. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the cheap, effective positives using a bicycle for transit can produce without having to be an urban road warrior, or Tour de'France contender.

Let Zephyr curate your commute.

Zephyr creates routes that are different. The route won't always be the shortest, but it will be as safe and easy as possible. Using a variety of sources, Zephyr will route you away from known dangerous or difficult intersections, unnecessary climbs, and other common barriers to cycling using turn by turn directions.

Revolutionary interaction!

Ever wonder how mapping apps evolve? It's usually a slow process of adapting to user data. With Zephyr, you can influence your local riding community immediately using reports! Reporting is easily handled on the fly, and allows for additional logic to be applied to giving you and others the safest, most enjoyable routes possible.

Bicycling with Zephyr.

With Zephyr, you'll be able to enjoy biking anywhere any time with the confidence your route will be enjoyable and safe. Enjoy the positive feels of self-powered transportation and the daily physical exercise that is just a plus. We know you'll love biking with Zephyr!